Peter meets, Andrew Scott.

Peter meets Andrew Scott.


Andrew Scott is one of Ireland's leading actors and is currently taking over the world with his immense talent. At the age of 17 Andrew had begun breathing life into the characters he portrayed. He had a starring role in the film ‘Korea’, which led him to attend some of the most prestigious acting schools in Ireland. Andrew also won a bursary award to attend an art school (an all-round, talented handsome rogue! I have seen some of his early work, really quite lovely). His embodiment of Jim Moriarty in Sherlock made him a household name. We’ve also seen him in films like ‘James Bond Sky Fall’, ‘Victor Frankenstein’, ‘Pride’, ‘The Stag’, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ and many other films and stage productions. In 2012 Andrew voted one of the top 100 influential people in ‘Time Out’ and ‘the Hospital Club’. He recently played the lead in Robert Ickes production of Hamlet in the Almedia Theatre in London which he received RAVE reviews for, and is currently filming King Lear with Anthony Hopkins.

I first met Andrew at a mutual friend’s party back in the day. I was so nervous meeting him as I had heard so many amazing things about him from everyone who knew him and wanted to make a good impression. I could barely say two words to him so I thought I would try play the ‘I’m so cool and uninterested yet total interesting card’… I FAILED! and as the night went on I was a mute. We started playing Charades and I remember thinking there is no way I can play Charades with Andrew Scott watching; the pressure was too much and I gave up half-way through. Some years ago, I was reintroduced to him through our friend, the cool card came out again, but this time I couldn’t shut up talking. Since then I have the immense pleasure of calling him a friend and I watch his star grow with utter pride for this brilliant


1  Do you have a favourite artist and what’s your favourite piece by them?

My favourite artist is David Hockney. I love his line drawing and the L.A stuff, and I like the attitude he maintains at this stage in his life.


2  What was the last exhibition you went to?

Wolfgang Tilman at the Tate Modern.


3  What’s your favourite book?

My all-time favourite book is Danny, the champion of the World by Roal Dahl, he is a genius.


 4  Who’s your icon?

I don’t have icons, but I’m working with Anthony Hopkins at the moment, and the sheer talent of the man and the way he treats everybody on set make me think, sometimes it’s okay to meet your hero’s.


 5  I know you are an accomplished actor, but do you like to dabble in a bit a bit of painting every now and then?

I started painting and drawing as a child, and I got into art school, but I perused acting instead, although it will always be in my life.


 6  What influences you on a daily basis?

Oh, loads of things, the weather, nature, animals, people. I think I’m quite a visual person and I love colour. I’m a bit obsessed with the way different colours are juxtaposed beside each other. I know that’s weird Peter.


 7  What’s your favourite sound?



8  What has been the single most important event in your career so far?

It’s hard to measure these things, but playing Hamlet, this year has been extraordinary. They say playing that part changes you, and I can see that now. You have no choice but to reveal who you are.


 9  What do you hope your contribution will bring to your community?

I hope my work helps people live a better life, in whatever way that is. That to me is the purpose of art.


 10  What is the hope for your audience when they encounter your work?

You’d have to ask them. I hope they see some kind of truthfulness in it.


11  Who has been the most influential person to you and your work?

My parents. They are the ones who’ve influenced me the most.


12  If you could have dinner or a drink with someone, alive or dead who would it be?

Marlon Brando. But to be honest if he can’t make it ill just meet my friends.


13  Do you think an artist needs to be tortured to create? 

No, I absolutely refute that. Being an artist requires an ability to be in some discomfort a lot of the time, but comfort is over-rated I think. Being uncomfortable sometimes is very creative.


14  What was the first piece of art you bought?

I bought some street art in New York when I was doing a play there, beautiful little recreations of Caribbean shopfronts. I still love them.


15  Where’s your favourite space to get creative in?

My MIND. Actually, it probably is. A lot of the time things come to you when you’re walking down the street, or in the shower and then you bring those things to the rehearsal room.


16  What’s next for you?

I’m doing a film of King Lear at the moment, and then I’m gonna have a break. I’ve done a lot of talking this year.


With thanks, Andrew you handsome rogue xx

#theartofselfie #AndrewScott   

#theartofselfie #AndrewScott


Peter Homan